1. E

    W163 (ML270cdi) Gearbox Identification

    Can anyone help me check the compatibility of 2 gearboxes (or tell me who I need tocontact) given the Chassis numbers of 2 model W163s - one of which I own (2005 model) and one I have access to (2004 model). The gearbox on mine has a faulty torque converter so I need to drop the gearbox out...
  2. M

    ML270 Loss of Power

    Hi All, New to the forum and MB. So I have be surfing the internet and this loss of power with the ML270 05 seems to be a common issue and seems an fairly easy issue to rectify from my reading. However I though I would ask for advice on the problem in case I miss something and a few more...
  3. L

    ML270CDI No Start

    Hi all. My much liked Merc. is off the road. The key turns OK to the on position, the warning lamps light except the pre-glow one, then after two Seconds the engine cooling fan runs to full speed and that is as far as I get. The key will not turn further. Fortunately for me, the first occurrence...
  4. S

    ML270 2003 Hands free kit

    Hi All, I need to get a hands free kit for my ML 270 CDI its 2003 and doesn't have a cradle in the arm rest or functions on the steering wheel. So I'm looking for a reliable aftermarket that's relatively easy to install if anyone can recommend a good one? Thanks in advance :D
  5. M

    Wrong fuel in ML270CDi

    Oh dear, I finally made the fatal mistake of putting petrol in my ML270CDi - anyone got any ideas as to what I can expect to have to pay to repair the car - I drove it for a short while until it just cut out.
  6. W

    Maf Sensor reading -46 degrees

    just had a new maf sensor put on the ML as the last one was reading -46 but still reading -46 degrees. any help guys? could it be electric problem?
  7. J

    ML27O cdi not picking up speed and other problems

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post, as I am a new member.... I have ML270, 2001.... Lately the following problems have started, since yesterday, my car won't start first time, it is drinking fuel, if I'm on even a slight hill my car has problems getting to 20mph.... Note this is not...
  8. E

    Merc friendly Breakers Yards - North East (Durham?) - any suggestions please?

    Im looking for parts for my ML, specifically a load cover for the rear parcel shelf...Ive searched the net a little and this forum, but no one seems to cover mercedes in my area...and the one that did had poor feedback and seemed to have closed (in Gateshead). Any suggestions please for...
  9. B

    2005 ML270 CDI Injector Clamp Threading gone

    We removed the injector to replace the copper washer. After cleaning the black, sticky substance and replacing the washer and injector, the clamp bolt will not lock in the cylinder because there is no threading there. I tried getting a tap long enough to reach the threading in the cylinder...
  10. 1

    Leaking No 5 Injector..

    :confused:Hey all, Got a wee problem. My No5 injector on my 2000 x ML 270 cdi is leaking bad some black gunk around top and phut phut phutting away. Now do i need a new injector or would it be the washer, not the best mechanically but have a mate with a small garage who said he would order...
  11. T

    ml 270 cdi oil leak from inlet manifold w163

    Hi All My 2003 ML 270 CDI apparently has an oil leak from the inlet manifold I’ve just got back from MB dealer in Bromley. And they say it’ll cost £1,700 to replace the inlet manifold! Apparently fuel pipes would also need to be replaced a major job! I asked how is oil leaking from the...

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