1. A

    ML320 W164 320CDI engine troubles - opinions wanted!

    Firstly, please excuse the long post, I have been having some engine troubles recently and I am hoping that the community can help me get to the bottom of it. The car is a W164 ML320 CDI with the OM642 engine and about 133000 miles on the clock. The problems first started about a week ago on...
  2. D

    Ml320 ignition problem

    my 1999 ml320 has had an lpg conversion for 2 years, and up to last week was running fine. Over the course of a week it began to feel more and more underpowered, both on log and petrol, until one day it barely started and when it finally had it ran weakly and hesitantly on lpg. I've changed the...
  3. Tom-B

    New member, new project ML

    Hi all, I’ve just bought a W164 ML that’s in need of some love and attention before she’s ready for the road again. I’ve pretty new to the world of MB however I had a 190e some time ago but that was a bucket and worth forgetting. This one is destined to be a premium tow car for lugging my track...
  4. M

    Loud rumbling noise ML320 2007

    I am new to the forum and was hoping someone may be able to help me to diagnose what issue I have with my 2007 ML320 CDI (80,000 miles). On idle it has started making a loud ticking/rattling noise and while driving makes a whining noise from 2,000+ revs. <iframe width="420" height="315"...
  5. orbitalegg

    AAM replacement

    Hi Guys, I am having issues with my central locking (W163 1998), it worked intermittently and has in the past 2 day given up completely. I am able to use the centre console button to lock and unlock the car and I can open the car with the key. I have put new batteries in the fob and having...
  6. F

    ML 320 CDI W164 Code P0670 - Glow Plug Control Module Circuit

    Hola Señors and Señorita's, My ML320 CDI engine had a leaking injector for quite some time... I decided to ignorantly chug around for a while (a long while) until recently, as I thought it was getting worse. Reason I thought this was because the engine was struggling to start in a morning...
  7. F

    New(ish) to the Mercedesclub site - ML320 W164

    Hi all, I signed up to the site a little while ago now but jumped in straight at the deep end asking questions as I had a problem with a leaking injector seal! (The Black Death) I've also had a couple of problems since then but I think I may be winning on that front! So, I've had my...
  8. M

    ml320 2008 engine cover badge missing

    Engine cover star badge has fallen/been broken off at last service. it would have mesured about 60mm across. does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could replace it with. Searched and searched online but can't find anything that fits. Expect there is a standard badge off another model that i...
  9. M

    modulator/computer control unit problem

    Hi All, I have an automatic, W reg ML320. (year 2000) During driving 4 lights come on ABS/EST/handbrake and a light which looks like a circle in-between brackets. The Lights come on at random times, low speed, high speed, under braking and sitting idle. The car also go’s into limp home mode...
  10. T

    ML320 2007 offside healamp cluster

    Anyone know how to remove the whole headlamp cluster? I have undone 3 bolts on the top and it feels quite loose but can't figure how to remove it, Can't see any other bolts
  11. T

    ML320 2007 offside healamp cluster

    Anyone know how to remove the whole headlamp cluster? I have undone 3 bolts on the top and it feels quite loose but can't figure how to remove it, Can't see any other bolts
  12. T

    ML320 parking bulb replacement

    Hi ML320 - 07 - My nearside front parking light is not working and it seems impossible to access it as it is behind part of the car frame. Can anybody tell me how its done please?
  13. A

    2007 ML Third Brake Light Stuck On

    Hi, I've been on a long journey driving back from Spain yesterday and when I got back I noticed the third brake light is stuck on. I've tried looking to see if there is anything that stands out but theres nothing. Does anybody have an suggestions to help?
  14. W

    infrequent billowing think white smoke

    infrequent billowing thick white smoke Hello all, would anyone have come across an infrequent billowing of very thick white smoke from the exhaust of their Mercedes with apparently no loss of coolant? I took a freind's ML320 yr 2000 (W163 I think) for a long test drive today. At about...
  15. J

    ML320 Pulley Disintergrating!!!

    I have a 1999 ML320, I have noticed that one of the Pulleys (quite low down on the engine near the centre) is starting to fall apart! From what I can see, it has a thick rubber collar inbetween the outer & inner parts of the Pulley, it is this rubber part that has appeared to split and protrude...

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