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    ML 270 2003 MOT failure on emissions

    Dear All, My 163k 2003 ML has failed MOT on emissions. I was advised to use some injector cleaner and take for an Italian tune up ( hammer up and down motorway) before re test. Took it in and it is slightly better BUT still failed. limit is 0.8, it was reading 0.85/0.86 on opacity test. Would...
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    Mot advice

    Im looking at buying a 2005 c220 coupe, checking the history the last 3 mots all failed with the same thing, obviously it was fixed but reoccurred each year, just wondering on potential cost of repair if it does fail the same again. Nearside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play...
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    CLK320 MOT Failure Question

    Hi Everyone! My CLK320 on a 53 plate has just failed the MOT on a few things. That's as to be expected for a car of this age, but the garage who tested it quoted me £850 to get it through the MOT. Would anyone mind giving their opinion on what it costs to fix the following failure points as I...
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    w124 coupe fuel line leak

    i'm trying to get my w124 coupe mot'd but one of the fuel lines has completely rusted through and is leaking at the rear of the car before the arch. nowhere seems to sell fuel lines specific for the car, only flex hose or metal that has to be cut to size, can anyone advise me on what my options...
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    CLK200 Emissions - MOT Failure - Running Rich

    Anyone come across this before? 1998 CLK200 Auto with 68,000 on the clock has just failed its MOT on emissions. CO and HC are way high and Lambda is low. Chap doing the MOT said it needed a new cat but I'm struggling to see why the cat would cause low lambda. I've pulled the plugs and...

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