1. T

    Missing CDi Intake Manifold Actuator/Motor

    Hi, I bought my W210 CDi 2.2 two years back, Its working all fine but today it was a great surprise for me when I saw a 3 pin connector near backside of intake manifold. I googled and check it thoroughly and by physical investigation I came to a final conclusion that since from last 2 years I am...
  2. S

    W220 how to remove driver's seat when motor is dead

    Hi, I took my W220 to my specialist of choice as the driver's seat had stopped moving forward & back. They couldn't get to the motor to test it but got a diag code (£50) to say the middle motor hall sensor was not responding. (I have checked the relevant fuses) The reason they...
  3. R

    Rear windscreen wiper motor - is their any alternatives???

    Hi there. This is my first posting. My rear windscreen motor has broken. I can't believe how much a replacement is. Does anyone know of an alternative for the motor from another manufacturer. Ie using an Audi part? As other parts seem to be so so much cheaper. I have looked on eBay and these...
  4. R

    W203 Power Window Motor

    Hello everyone, I need to use in one of my projects a W203 front window lifter motor. Does anyone know the pinout of the this motor? I know it has a 6 pin connector but I need to know which ones are connected to the motor and which ones are connected to the hall sensor and how. Does...
  5. T

    Door lock/locking problem

    Hello im new to this fourm, im ted i have a 52 plate c200 kompressor, i have 2 issues. As of tonight i went to open my boot, it opened fine and stoped locking so now i have a flapping boot. Being an electrician Iv taken the boot card of so it you can see the lock iv checked the connection and...
  6. zedmeister

    W208 CLK electric car seat problem

    The fore/aft motor seems to have gone on the drivers side. The other motors are working so I presume its not a fuse and that the motor has burnt out. Can anyone confirm?
  7. O

    Heater/blower motor failed

    Hi all, I washed my C250 last Sunday after owning her for 1 week and jet washed the area under the windscreen wipers to remove leaves, I then found water inside the driver foot well, this has not happened when it's rained so I presume it somehow got in through the vents, the windows were...
  8. I

    removing the heater blower motor

    hi just joined, i have a 2000 clk320 that i have had for the last 4 years, bought it of ebay and it's still working! although the heater blower motor is playing up, worked intermittantly for a while and has now completely stopped.followed a few threads to see the best way to take the motor out...
  9. J

    1997 C280 (W202) Heater Blower Motor needs replaced

    Hello there I recently posted a query looking for advice on why water was pouring in from under the passenger dash after heavy rain. bigasotonuk & television responded with excellent advice, and television actually provided me with guides on how to unblock the drains behind the heater...
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