1. M

    W204 2011 OM651 Engine Mounts Question

    Hey Guys, I got all brand new engine mounts and gearbox mount from my dealer. I was reading over WIS document explaining the whole procedure of what needs to be taken out etc. It looks like there is a lot to do it. You have to unbolt alternator and also A/C compressor and also document is...
  2. S

    Weird drivetrain movement

    Hello I have a 2011 E350 and im facing a weird problem If i put the car in Park or Neutral and rev the engine, the drivetrain will make a weird clunk and thump when the rpm is going back down I changed the engine and transmission mounts and the clunk reduced but did not go away. The mechanic...
  3. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...
  4. T

    W211 Engine Mounts - expensive job?

    My E280 CDI (2007) shakes gently. Whilst stationary the steering wheel vibrates slightly and the car shakes (similar to bad wheel balancing) when travelling above 40 mph. At my last service I was advised that there was slight engine mount leakage and i'm now considering getting them replaced but...
  5. Z

    E200 W210 Estate Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, I am running a 1997 E200 estate. The car has covered over 205,000 miles and is still going strong! Lately the exhaust has started to rattle. I believe the rattle is coming from the catalyst section downstream from the 2-1 confluence. There is a hanging bracket on the engine and a bolt...

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