1. Chrishazle

    R171 SLK280 MB Mud Flaps Fitted!

    Acquired a genuine set of brand new genuine MB mud flaps for my R171 facelift SLK280 a while ago, managed to remove the little "winglets" from the rear of the wheel arches (first part of the fitting instructions) OK, tried to fit the rear OS flap, no success so handed the job to local vaillage...
  2. S

    Sat Nav SD Card & Mudflaps.

    Just bought a new X250 pick up which is not fitted with Sat Nav, contacted a Merc dealership today to enquire re purchasing an SD card and was quoted over £400. Any suggestions as to where you can purchase them at a more reasonable price ? Also no mudflaps fitted so looking to get a set of them...
  3. W

    Newbie & Mudflaps for a W126?

    Afternoon all I've just signed up to the forum having recently purchased my 1990 W126 300se. She's got full MB history and only on 68,000 so plenty of life in the old girl yet. I'll get a picture up soon for you but I'm thrilled to be the owner of a piece of quality machinery. I do have...
  4. G

    [Spares] For sale genuine w202 front and rear mudflaps mercedes logo and fixings

    Just having a clear out and found these Mercedes branded new mudflaps with fixings which I never managed to get around to using on my car. Unfortunately the car engine blew and I have since parted ways with it. I payed a fair bit extra for these from a dealer for the fact they are not cheap...
  5. T

    R170 mudflaps?

    Hi All, Going to look tomorrow at an R170 SLK, looks like might be a well kept second car and I am hoping good bodywork. It has mudflaps which makes me wonder if there is any rust underneath but they look fitted. Here are pics: Got me...

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