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    2 sets of warped discs??? Is this possible??

    Hi, I'd like to find out if this is possible or unlikely. My discs were worn and quite old, I had done 30k on them after buying the car. 05 C220 cdi estate. I replaced pads and discs with Pagid OEM parts via a well known parts supplier and fitted by a small garage rather than a main dealer...
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    Model numbers??

    Hi everyone, My wife drives a SLK230 which I learned is the R170 model, this is essential information when looking for information about the car. What I would like to ask is, What would be the the model numbers relevant to a 2004 C220 CDI estate with semi automatic transmission? With this...
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    To buy or not to buy?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and hope to find it the better choice to the others available to join :-) I am considering buying a C220 CDI Auto Estate, I have driven one and am happy with all it has to offer, my wife drives an SLK 230 Kompressor on an 03 plate, apart from the servicing it has...
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