1. idlerider

    W211 Comand nav problem - won't shut up

    Both the CD and the printed Comand manual say that to turn off voice advice in nav, hold down the mute button for approx. 2 seconds while advice is being given. Sure enough, after two seconds there's a beep - but it has no effect! Does anyone know why, or if there's an answer?
  2. C

    Help request | Nav Compass heading just spins

    First post here and hope someone can help or point me in any other direction than a dealer.... W204 C-class. Recently as soon as I drive off, the navigation map just spins around the location pointer, or at least never holds a steady heading. When stationary the nav map is static The location...
  3. M

    Very Very Frustrated - Audio 20 is Dumb - is there nothing i can do?!!

    So i have a 2009 W204 Estate with what i'm told is a base model Audio 20 Unit, no Navi, only 4 buttons on the steering wheel and a Aux in the glovebox. Comand tells me there's nothing that can be done unless i spend around £2000+ converting it to a command system. I look at the screen and...

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