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    A250 Dangerous Auto Box Fault

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing a fault with their new-shape A-Class slipping into neutral. My dealership (Taunton) are aware of this fault and have told me it's a software issue they don't currently have a resolution for. Their suggestion was that I don't drive...
  2. Z

    w210 won't shift from Drive or Neutral

    I have an E220 CDI, w210 body, 2002 which I bought recently. Within a few days I discovered that often, when I stop I can not shift to R or P. The gearshift only moves between D and N. I can not take the key out or drive backwards. Usually, after I stop I can shift once, but if I try to shift...
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    ML270 Auto not engaging neutral

    Hi. I have a 2005 ML270 and have a problem with the automatic gearbox. When I apply the brakes in order to stop completely, it does not engage itself into neutral. So although I'm stationary with the brake on, the car is still trying to pull forward. My temporary solution is to slip it...

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