oil consumption

  1. Chris-net

    A238 E53 oil consumption

    I had the car serviced in March and a few days later on my commute I got a warning about too much oil. there is no dipstick so had to check using the assyst menu & it showed full Bars. I made an appointment etc but on my commute home there was no message and the oil level remained full bars...
  2. T

    C Class oil consumption and pressure

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2004 C Class 180 Kompressor. It is in great condition, low mileage and drives well. After searching for a dip stick I worked out that the car measures its own oil level. It said add 1.5 litres which I did. Dash then read correct level. A few questions...
  3. B

    Excessive oil consumption of CLK55 AMG

    Hi all. I need some help. I am using approx 1ltr of engine oil every 100 miles. The crankshaft seal was replaced some time ago, which didn't resolve the problem. Recently a lot of checks have been made in an attempt to find the issue. The crankshaft still has a small leak. The right rocker cover...
  4. M

    CLK 200 Valve Oil Seals

    Hoping someone can offer some advice.... I noticed over the last while that my 2006 CLK200 was getting a bit heavy on fuel so took it back to the independent dealer i bought it from. After running his diagnostics he said lambda sensor reading was wrong at high idle and that they would get...
  5. Onne

    Oil consumption on W126

    My friend following me the other day said that I have the odd plume of blue when kickdown is used, but the car doesn't seem to use a lot of oil. It uses perhaps just under a pint every 1000 miles. What oil would be best to use in my 165k mile 300SE on LPG? Currently on a fresh filling...

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