1. Altamar

    Minimum pad thickness

    My story starts with the usual one of a MB dealer saying my front pads are 90% worn and in the opinion of the technician the discs should be done at the same time. That'll be the best part of £500 sir. I politely refused and have today checked the car myself. The discs are well over published...
  2. V

    Brake pads for S600?

    Hi all Am searching for brakes for my S600 bi turbo W220. When looking at my pads there is an indent on bottom middle of the pad and looks like it has 4 brake pads each side (on the front). I couldn't find the correct pads with my reg or model but when I search S63, I found the pads straight...
  3. W

    w220 discs n pads

    Hi I am quite new to the forum but really enjoy reading the posts and have had some useful advice and some laughs:p. I bought my first merc, an s320 cdi 2003 (facelift) and really enjoying it despite having a few problems. Today I was out in it and the check brake lining msg came up on the...
  4. W

    W169 rear brakes

    Do you remove the whole caliper to replace the rear pads on A Class? ie Is it the two large nuts which hold it to the backplate? A150 W169 2006 Thanks for looking.
  5. T

    Rear Pad part number help needed!

    Hi guys, Have a favour to ask... Would anybody mind checking this part number for me? A0044209120 Basically, I just bought new Rear Pads for my 1998 W202 C250 TD, and they don't fit. They seem to be too long, as in they fit in the calliper grooves but hit the rotor when the pin is...
  6. M

    Mercedes ML270 - Brake problem

    I have a Mercedes ML270 2002. I have just had new pads fitted all round and new brake discs on the front by the local garage. For some reason, since they have been changed, the front brakes only are sticking on. The garage itself says they are not sure what it could be but they assure me that...

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