panoramic roof

  1. D

    Vehicle R129 SL320 Wanted - 1998 to 2001

    Hi, I'm in the market for a good R129 SL320 Must be 1998 to 2001 V6 M112 engine, under 70k miles, with full service and repair history as well as 2 working keys. Colour:- Azurite Blue + Grey or Saffron/beige interior preferred but would consider Zircon Green or possibly Silver + Dark Blue...
  2. N

    Sunroof problem

    I appear to have posted this in the wrong place! - reposted in tech forum. I'm hoping someone can help. I've got a 2015 C250 Estate W205 with panoramic roof. I had the roof open and as I picked up speed on a dual carriageway I closed it, when I went to open it after I had parked up, it won't...
  3. B

    Panoramic sun roof

    Hi all new here I have a 2015 c class the sun roof motor is grinding/clicking I have had the motor off with great difficulty and when away from the sunroof it runs perfect and the gears don’t look bad I can manually open it with Allen key and when it gets past the tilt the motor pulls it back...
  4. F


    I’ve recently purchased a 62reg C class coupe 250cdi amg sport plus (panoramic roof). I’m looking for the genuine Mercedes roof bars to suit. I’ve found a set on eBay that come off an e class coupe with the pano roof. Although the part number is not the Same, does anybody know if they’ll fit...
  5. J

    Panoramic roof noise on an E class

    Greetings everyone, after my grand entry on the introduce youreself section this is my official help me post. So here goes and I really do hope someone can help me . I have 2011 e350 diesel 265 with panoramic roof, the car is out of warranty. I hear a crackling type sound from the roof bar on...
  6. N

    Clc Panoramic roof and blind not working

    Hi, I need help since having problems with CLC Panoramic roof. At first the internal binds rolled open and closed but could not get glass open. Then got glass roof retracted but it really strained to close. Once closed can not get the binds to close. I dare not attempt to open glass...
  7. BRABUS R230

    [Spares] R129 Panoramic Roof

    For those who may be interested, I have the Panoramic Roof from my R129 for sale on eBay.
  8. BRABUS R230

    [Spares] R230 SL Panoramic Roof!

    R129 SL Panoramic Roof! These don't come up often so are very rare... I am selling my Panoramic Roof for my 129 1991 SL500, the panoramic Roof originally came from a 1996 SL500...if you look at my pictures you will see the my SL500 with the panoramic roof fitted. If you go to my albums...
  9. J

    Panoramic Roof Plastic Trim

    After having my panoramic roof on my '03 c230 coupe fixed, they didn't replace the clips holding the plastic trim pieces next to it and I lost one of my plastic pieces going down the highway today and can't find the piece anywhere on the 'net. Anyone know where I can find that plastic trim piece...

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