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    R230 SL55 Stuck in Park

    Hi All, I've lost the will to live.:cry: It feels like my car is continually fighting with me. I finally got round to sorting the battery issues on it and after just a couple of weeks the car is now stuck in Park. It starts absolutely fine and after reading some other posts on here it looks...
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    Auto stuck in park

    Hello all. I’m new to here so please bare with me! I have a C180 1997 classic. My problems started when the key fob started to work only intermittently (the triangular shape one) then the gearbox played up. Now the key will not work at all. In short I was told I need a new key fob (about £200 or...
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    W202 Park Brake Query

    Hi guys! The park brake in my 1998 C250 Sport hasn't worked since I bought it. While the car was at an Indy getting the clear fuel lines changed I asked the mechanic to have a look at the mechanism and see if it needed adjusted. He told me that one of the cables had stretched to the point...

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