parking brake

  1. peterould

    Parking Brake won't release - cold weather

    Hi all, First post - be gentle!!! I have an E220 Bluetec Cabriolet, 65 Reg, Diesel. Purchased in February. Gorgeous car - feels like a coupe when the roof is up, feels amazing with the roof down. The last two days have been icy mornings (first of the year) and I've noticed that the parking...
  2. P

    W211 parking brake pawl broken

    As above; the parking brake pedal won't stay in place and the release cable is loose. I've had a look and can see half of the pawl is still attached to the pedal and the rest is presumably behind the dashboard still attached to the cable. I've ordered a second hand pedal assembly but would...
  3. D

    CLK320 MOT Failure Question

    Hi Everyone! My CLK320 on a 53 plate has just failed the MOT on a few things. That's as to be expected for a car of this age, but the garage who tested it quoted me £850 to get it through the MOT. Would anyone mind giving their opinion on what it costs to fix the following failure points as I...
  4. davemercedes

    That **expletive** parking brake

    I read a recent thread where members were complaining about the MB parking footbrake and I admit saying that it was the one thing I hated... * But beware - the comments about other brands having more user friendly electronic handbrakes are true, until in Renault's case it comes to the cost of...
  5. D

    Parking brake w203 c220 cdi

    Hi I have a c220cdi auto and when I apply the parking break then go to release it doesn't come all the way up so I have to pull out the release while lifting the peddal. Does anyone know if this is a easy fix or garage job? Also would the car pass a mot with this? Cheers
  6. M

    Parking Brake Imbalance

    Hi, My 2003 C220 CDI failed a recent NCT (MOT equivalent) for a parking brake imbalance between the two back wheels. Does anyone know how to adjust this balance? I am presuming there are shoes inside the drums on the back. And hopefully there is some kind of an adjusting nut that can be...
  7. P

    W203 Parking brake Ratchet - Wont stay on

    Hi (first post) Im having some difficulty with the parking brake on my 2002 c class estate. The parking brake works but does not hold on. When you push the pedel down I get the usual clicking sound but the pedel jujust returns to the up position. Any Ideas? Does anyone have an...
  8. J

    Parking brake light sticking on...HELP

    I have a C180 and when I release the parking brake by pulling the lever, the actual pedal and parking brake release ok, but the red parking light on the dashboard stays on and emits a warning every time i drive, when i move the parking brake pedal backwards, the red light on the dash goes out...

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