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  1. M

    Audio 20 6 CD Replacment

    Hi all, I hope you’re keeping well. My current audio 20 6 CD (NTG 4.5 6CD) player has had issues recently. I’m looking to replace the part with the same systems from sellers on eBay. These systems however seem to have different part numbers. My current systems part number is a2049009314. I...
  2. Trueblue1872

    Genuine Parts

    hello friends, where is the best place to buy Mercedes parts online
  3. C

    ABC parts- where to buy and how much

    Hello Mods, please can someone move this post to the relevant forum. This weekend I have sourced some ABC parts required for the CL W215 model. ABC pump: P/no A0034662401 from eBay shop. €449.50 plus postage. Reconditioned unit with 24 months warranty. ABC filter 3muL...
  4. A

    How do I decode a Computer reading and get the parts!

    Hi I went to an indpendent garage who gave me a print out I need to get 3 new parts and for them myself hopefully :-) Not that know about cars but I do have a brain in my head! So my question is either how do decode the read out or where do I find part numbers that arent in Russian! I...
Specialist in parts for W140 and R129 Mercedes-Benz models.
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