1. Tui Miller

    W203 Exhaust Upgrades

    Hi everyone I was wondering if there were any cat back exhaust out there for the 2.6L W203 that would make the car a bit louder and better sounding. Thank You
  2. P

    E250 Coupe 2010 W207 no kickdown power

    Hi yesterday i noticed that the step-down power increase was not working & also used the paddle change option to drop a gear without the usual increase or turbo kick as i'm used to & expect. The car accelerates smoothly still & there are no warning lights on the dashboard. I tried the auto...
  3. Bradcla

    Remap help!

    I’ve recently bought the CLA 180 with the intention of remapping it to a stage 1 (stage 2 if advised). After doing some research and reading some horror stories... I was wondering what other mods I’d need to do before the Re map (if any) so my car can handle the extra power? I remapped my...
  4. Acid@MSL


    Stunning Mercedes E63 AMG in recently making some impressive figures!!! _________________________ 767.11 WHP 905 BHP 895.97 WTQ 1057 lb/ft TQ __________________________ Mods: • Mslperformance map & dyno • Weistec W3 Turbos • Weistec Downpipes • Weistec bulletproof gearbox • Amsperformance...
  5. Trueblue1872

    Question about engine Additive...Terraclean

    Hello friends, A quick question in regards to engine additives im refering to specifically performance related additives such as terraclean and the like. If any of you have used any such products or in fact have indeed had a terraclean service done id love to hear your thoughts.
  6. Acid@MSL

    Mercedes E63s Estate 2014 Project Time @ MSL Performance

    I have purchased this car from John (developer) after the sad events that had happened. As a lot of you guys know John and how much care and love he had for the car. We both decided that this would be a good opportunity to do something positive. Overall Goals 900 bhp - 1000 bhp Vmax event...
  7. M

    How to increase performance, air intake, turbo for $1. Disable EGR Mod. Observations

    Hello All I've had a Ml270 CDI W163 now for about a year. Love it. Stumbled across some forums suggesting EGR disable and looked into it. Actually my engine was leaking a bit of oil so I started cleaning the engine bay, tinkering and prodding. Turns out the EGR Valve has quite a bit of...

    Brand new Stock Just arrived

    We have just received a load of new stock for all kinds of mercedes Get your 10% discount now for all members :) Thanks members enjoy :)


    Hi All, We at Carbon Performance are keen to get a meet organised for the 18 October 2014 In Brighton West Sussex. So the day will commence by meeting aprox 9am/10pm (we said 12pm before so an early one for all you lazy ones :p:p:p) from there onwards refreshments will be served. An...
  10. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping!!!

    Afternoon guys, Had a lovely Mercedes E350 CDI in for remapping today! She was a lovely example and had come down from Leicester. The car as I'm sure you can see is in excellent condition and had only covered around 25k. This is the older engine setup so runs a stock quoted power of 231bhp...
  11. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 CDI remapping!!!

    Hey guys, Had a lovely C250 CDI in for the bespoke ECU remapping treatment! The customer had come straight from CKS after having quad AMG pips popped on her! We have tuned her up and coupled with the performance software he had full gearbox mapping also. Runs Delphi DCM3.5 so we have full...
  12. GAD Tuning LTD


    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! The winner of the FREE REMAP competition will be announced on Friday the 29th of March. We will be picking a name at random from all of the threads that we had started! so don't worry we will make sure that everyone is entered. Any last minute posters will still be...
  13. L

    Performance exhaust for a W140 s500 Coupe

    Hi All, 1 have a w140 1994 S500 Coupe which I am currently doing up. Does anyone know where to get some good performance exhausts fitted? Prefarably in Southeast England Thanks
  14. C

    C270 performance loss below 4000RPM

    My C270 CDI was recently in a light front end crash (the missus - dont get me started!), and this required new radiator, bodywork, steering wheel, seatbelts etc. On return from the bodyshop, the car suffers from a chronic flatspot below 4000 rpm or so. I've been racking my brains as to what...
  15. W

    S class diesel engine tuning

    I'm just buying a 70K mile 2003 S320CDI. Having driven a friends CLS 320CDI and an E320CDI, both of which were fitted with Brabus chips and drive superbly (even better than the excellent standard E320CDI's I've owned in the past), I've been thinking of having a Brabus chip put onto the S...

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