1. PaulThomasFarrell

    Oil pipe from transmission to oil cooler 722.6

    Hi, I posted this on a thread I had and think I should have started this new one. Please advise if I've messed up. This is on my E320 CDI 2004 Avantgarde. W211. 722.6 Any how, So the pipe that is attached to the gearbox with a 'banjo' (?) nut....follow it from the banjo to the join. It looks...
  2. A

    Mercedes W203 C220 CDI - Vacuum/Servo pipe- Limp mode

    Hi Guys, I'm having issues with my car Mercedes Benz w203 C22O CDI. It loses power as soon as the gear shifts up to 3rd,It feels like the turbo doesn't kick anymore and sometimes i have issues with the brakes as well. When I opened the bonnet there were two lose pipes. I successfully put black...
  3. M

    Problem with 190E

    Hello i am not sure if i am in the correct forum but i hope someone can help. My fan was not working and the car overheated if running at a stand still. I tested bridged the connection on the thermo switch with the ignition on and the clutch engaged. however whilst doing this i noticed 2 pipes...

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