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    W251 R class Parking sensor control module location?

    Hi, can anyone tell me where the PCU is located in the R class? I picked this car up yesterday and I'm getting two red dots in the front distance indicators and a beep before the system shuts itself off. Turning the system back on has the same result. I have not yet seen any lights/noise from...
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    R Class opinions

    Good afternoon, gentlebeings of the forum. Well, what with kids and caravans and reaching-lunar-orbit miles, we are talking about replacing the S211. It's a great car, it's lovely to drive and comfy and really practical. BUT, there are a lot of miles on it, and we're discovering that what with...
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    R Class (W251) front bumper removal

    Hi All I'm Neil, new to the site and was hoping someone might be able to help. Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction for some guidance on how to remove the front bumper on my 2006 R Class. Many thanks Neil
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    R320L - Venting sound after parking

    After stopping, switching off, closing the door and locking the car, as I walk away I hear a noise from he car which sounds like venting or a release of air. I believe everything is normal on the car, and I only hear the sound after leaving the car. Any ideas?
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    2007 R Class command wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a R class command ? My problem is a dead unit ! I can only find one permanent feed at rear of unit. Had it tested at BBA Reman who found a fault and repaired but on reinstall it still does not come on. No fault codes to be read as it appears not to be...
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    Bluetooth on 06 R Class Comand

    What use exactly is the Bluetooth on the Comand fitted in my R class? It pairs with my BlackBerry torch but thats it! Can't transfer phonebook contacts, I can't operate my phone from the Comand system. It seems that the only use is for a headset, and why would you have a BT headset when...
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    R Class Self leveling suspension - help needed

    Hi I just test drove a 2006 LWB R Class 320 SE. Mercedes Direct tell me it does not have self leveling suspension at the rear, but all the reviews I look at online imply that it is standard spec. They even had their technical people to look at they say it does not have any. Does anyone...

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