rear view mirror

  1. S

    "C" class estate 2013

    the above car I have a wire hanging down form behind the rear view mirror - any idea what it is for please ?
  2. W

    Please help me someone i tried everything

    Hey guys hope your all well Ive got a C180 w202 1997 and im having a real big issue nd a very expensive one by the looks of it. Couple days ago out of nowhere my car decided it wont start anymore I have had the same problem around 2 years ago in my E230 W210 1996 and i had to scrap the car...
  3. PovertySpec

    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Part Number?

    Can anyone source a part number for the above, please? Or tell me how I could go about it. I can't readily find the part on the .ru site let alone the correct part number :( I want to retro fit one to my Merc but don't want to just have a wild punt on eBay and end up with the wrong one...
  4. M

    Rear View Mirror

    The rear view mirror has came off the fixing to the windscreen and is resting in the plastic cover housing interior lights. Any ideas on taking off the cover to investigate. How is the mirror attached to the screen? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. E

    Retrofit Auto Dimming Rear-View Mirror to A Class (W169)

    Hi there, Does anyone know if it is reasonably easy to retrofit an automatic dimming rear view mirror to an A Class W169? I am hoping that the required wiring will be in place and all that is needed is to fit the mirror with the sensor unit built in. Could it really be that simple? I have my...

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