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    Key won't open door or start ignition

    Hi Guys, Bought a clk200 coupe 2009 few weeks ago. Today the remote key/fob wouldn't open door so got in using the metal key. First I was about to switch dashboard but after trying to start engine the dashboard died. Now the key won't even turn. I have two remote keys and neither work. Read...
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    2002 ML270 Key re-sync

    Hi again. Well today I replaced my key fob case with a shiny new one. I took the battery cover off, opened the case, took my board and chip out, placed everything into the new case and fastened it all back together. Pressed the unlock button and nothing. so searched how to re-sync the remote...
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    remote access not operating

    Hi there Have a 96 E230 and the remote door access has been unreliable and now has stopped so opening the car manually. Key fob seems ok - new batteries, IR test was OK, but car does not seem to be picking it up. Checked fuses - OK. Dash switch to lock doors seems also to be eratic. No...
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    E320 CDI Estate W211 2004 54 Remote Locking

    Hi, have a E320 CDI '54 Estate, first post can anyone advise on the remote central locking RF not working & at the same time the AM / LW radio has lost signal and the FM signal is weak. The IR remote central locking will work, after a while, waving the key at the drivers door handle IR receiver...
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