1. S

    My remote can't function-please help

    Hey guys, my W211 remote keys works just fine when start engin, lock and unlock all doors. But when parking for an hour or more, the remote keys cannot open or lock doors. Remote red light still blinks, key fob batteries are good, but no respond from the doors. Need to take out small key to...
  2. T

    C200 central locking

    Hi All, when using remote, the drivers door fails to lock and unlock, yet the other three door locks function properly. When inside the car opening the drivers door using the interior door release handle, when all doors are locked opens the drivers door and unlocks the other three. I don't have...
  3. Taffy7hfa

    Start stop button.

    Anyone on here fitted or attempted to fit an aftermarket start stop button to an ML ? (w163)
  4. imkaz

    Remote Roof Module R230 CMR230 Installation question

    Hi All, I wasn't planing for this to be my first real post, but I've run into a few problems and would appreciate some help. I recently bought a CMR230 Remote Roof Module for my SL from on ebay. Here's a link to the auction...
  5. H

    No remote control

    Hi, Bought a used 1995 c220 w202 Basic merc with a faulty central lock and no remote control. The owner doesn't know wither it originally had a remote control. Now that I have fixed the vacuum pumb, Central lock is back to life again. However, how can I know wither this car can use a remote...
  6. Mercedes20001

    Changing S320 W220 locking sequence

    Quick one: what is the button sequence on the key fob to change from driver's side only to all doors open and vice versa? Thanks :D
  7. N

    W209 CLK 220CDI Remote window closure

    Hi, I just got a 2006 CLK220 CDI and have a small problem with the electrics. The side windows open remotely but for some reason don't close when locking the car. I press and hold the lock button without releasing but no joy. They work perfectly from the interior switches. I just replaced...
  8. S

    1997 E300 TD Remote key fob recoding

    I bought this car last week knowing it had a problem with both of the remote key fobs. One starts the car and unlocks but wont lock the doors, the other did nothing at all. I changed the batteries in both but no difference. Last night a saw a thread that suggested pointing the fobs at...
  9. L

    SL500 remote not working

    Hi Everyone, I have a 1996 SL500 R129. My remote locking/alarm arm, disarm has suddenly stopped working. I unlocked my car this morning, and started it up as usual. I then turned it off and went to to lock it but it wouldn't lock. The immobiliser has armed now and I can't start the...
  10. M

    W164 central locking boot opening feature not working

    is there a cheaper fix to the problem of central locking/ auto boot opening feature with the remote key not working on a ML320cdi ( W164 ). the key works to start the car OK but none of the buttons are working. There is some people on ebay advertising a repair service but I'm not confident it...
  11. E

    The use of Infrared Key...

    Hello. I am the proud owner of a W124 E280 T and it came with 3 original Infrared Keys. My only question is why MB decided to introduce this Infrared method as opposed to a normal Remote Controlled Key. I notice that it's handy but at the same time annoying, for instance when I wanna use the...
  12. A

    Remote Central Locking problems :-( 220

    I am really stuck guys! I have limited funds being made redundant so9me months ago and cant through money away at a dealership if I can avoid it. I would be so happy if a way around this is possible. I have a 1996 N plate C220 Elegance and I cant open the thing with my remote. I dont have a...

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