1. K

    W220 wont go into first gear on its own

    Hello, new around here so not quite sure if this is the right spot, but am grateful for any help. So I bought a mercedes w220 some time ago and ever since the car has been dying at stops, not allways but sometimes, I think I have narrowed it down to it not going into first gear on its own, I...
  2. moj91

    Headgasket failure W220 S320 CDI - Thoughts...?

    Hello all, The head-gasket appears to have failed in our W220 S320 CDI. Quite a shame as it has been maintained regardless of cost and happily racks up 100 miles a day. Does anyone know what I should be being quoted for repair? Common failure points to consider? Other items which should be...
  3. Brizzle

    W220 wood dash trim removal

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can tell me how to remove the wooden (plastic?) dash trim from a 2000MY S320. Is it just a push fit or do I have to get behind it to undo screws/bolts/etc.? If I do manage to remove the trim will it give me access to the latch for the glove box? Mine won't open :(
  4. T

    Speedtronic message?

    Hi, I have a 2002 W220 S320 CDI. Recently on starting I get a malfunction message "Speedtronic - Drive to Workshop!" message. Is this a common fault, or do I need to get it on a STAR machine? NOTE: I fitted a new front numberplate a few weeks ago. I couldn't possibly have drilled a...
  5. J

    PAS/Power Steering Fluid Leak S320 2000

    Good morning gents. Been a while since my last post, but have actually fixed a number of minor problems in the meantime on my (now rapidly ageing) S320 (130,000 miles) by trawling the forums, so many thanks for the continued contributions. Have gone through the forums concerning a leak which...
  6. D

    S320 CDI W221 intermittent starting problem

    Hi All, This is a great site and I thought I would write my first post to get some help from the experts on this forum. I am experiencing intermittent starting problems with my S class. Eight times out of ten it will fail to start first time. After turning the key in the ignition (and...
  7. cappsie

    Changing S320 W220 locking sequence

    Quick one: what is the button sequence on the key fob to change from driver's side only to all doors open and vice versa? Thanks :D
  8. K

    **2002 S320 CDI - Common Faults to Look out For**

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so apologies if it's in the wrong section. I am looking at a 2002 S320 CDI, actually, I'm looking at a few of them. I realise that every individual car is different, and they will all have their own little problems here and there. However, I was wondering...
  9. G

    S320 - 2001 Vibration issue!

    Hi Guys, Im wondering if any can help me here, I have a 2001 *Rust Bucket S320 V6 Petrol. Its now covered 147K and over the last few months its been vibrating while driving, prior to that I thought one of the cats has gone as it was making a metalic kind of noise from underneath, this went...
  10. C

    Unlock code for Navigation Console for languages

    I have 2 S320's, 2000. One of which's main console has all the languages avaliable. But i need some sort of code to unlock the second one, as it is stuck in German, and wont let me access the Language options. does anyone know this code? or can you put me in touch with some one that does.

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