1. webdunk

    GLA45 Newbie

    Hey Folks, New to Mercedes ownership and have just taken ownership of my GLA45 AMG in mountain grey. Under 100miles to go until the running in period is over so looking forward to enjoying the car on some Highland roads. Cheers, Duncan
  2. F

    Proud owner of E270 Estate at 21

    Hello to all of you at MB Owners, I have recently become the proud owner of a 2003 E270 Avantgarde Estate and I'm absolutely loving it so far! I have a chequered history of cars including the usual astra's and escorts, however I have also owned a virtually unheard of Renault Vel Satis. It...
  3. st4

    Touring: The Isle of Skye and the West Coast

    Day one: Getting to Skye As you know from the thread in the Benz bin I decided to tour the Isle of Skye with my time off. I had decided that as I had an immensely enjoyable tour last March towards the end, I would repeat the idea but tour somewhere differently. Thing is, the weather...
  4. B

    Merparts - probably the best independent specialists in Scotland?

    There's one famous slogan about "probably the best beer....", and another about "refreshing the parts that others don't reach...". Both of these apply to Merparts (Paul and Steff Mazzoni) in Port Glasgow. I have just had an outstandingly good experience with them, and it's only right that I...

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