1. Rob Eggleshaw

    190E 2.3-16v Door Seals

    Hello ever helpful forumites, Another "noob" query that I would very much appreciate your help / recommendations with please (there will be more to come as I begin the task of getting my old man's 2.3 back to a reasonable state!). Door seals - all a bit knackered, split, torn etc. I suppose...
  2. Richie Livo

    Yes, another SL leak! (Well not yet)

    Good morning, As you can see the roof of my 2006 SL doesn’t look great! It’s not leaking one bit.. but looks horrendous, anything I can do as a novice? (When it comes to cars all I can do is drive them) or should I take it too an indie? On a side note has anyone had read arches resprayed...
  3. philharve

    W202 C-class trim/seal front wing replacing

    I have been looking around for quite some time for a replacement trim/seal/other description, for my 2000 Mercedes C230K but without success. I thought it would be a part that would be readily available and low cost but my experience has been very different. If I have to create the seal/trim/...
  4. I

    Panoramic roof seals

    Hello you wonderful people, I come in search if help. . . I was cleaning my c204 yesterday and noticed the rubber seals the panoramic roof slides down, have perished at the rear of the car. I've done some searching but can't seem to find anywhere to buy replacements, can anybody point me in...
  5. TravisMerc

    W123 Coupé Window Scrapers / Seals

    Hi all Restoring a W123 Coupé and have run into a difficulty with window scraper seals (front and rear both sides). Apparently MB have discontinued these: I'm really hoping that someone here knows where we can get some. Anyone have some for sale? Is there a source of these somewhere...
  6. D

    Slk 230 door seal

    Hi all Just recently passenger side door closes but the window does not mate with seal all the way round. You end up with a 3mm gap between the window and the vertical seal next to the smaller window ie where the door opens. When the door is shut you can push the window "in" by hand so it...

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