1. M

    Tow away alarm Sprinter 313 CDI 2014

    Hello, I’ve just joined the group. My partner and I have just bought on ex DHL van and he’s mid campervan conversion. Question, I can’t seem to locate the buttons on the overhead dash (according to the manual we have) to turn off the tow away and interior sensor which might kick in the alarm...
  2. M

    Security issues

    After issue after issue I'm now wondering whether my CL600 is one of those bad luck cars. With the ongoing issue of the leaking roof, this morning I was presented with the latest issue. As I went out to my car I noticed the door locks were up, and then as I looked inside there were receipts all...
  3. scotsboi

    Security system for Mercedes?

    Hi, I recently bought a 2005 CLK 320 convertible. The car is absolutely fantastic and a dream to drive - I'm also building up a good rapport with the local petrol station assistant whom I now meet on a very regular basis!!!! I am going to be moving from a very safe area to Gravesend in...
  4. E

    Radio Code W124 Exquisit

    Just got my W124 E280T back from the garage and the battery was disconnected so the Radio asks for a code. I got a little paper from the former owner but now this seems to be missing. Is there a way to get hold of the code again? The car chassis nr is WDB1240881F282204... Thanks in advance!

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