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    Squeaky noice and Shaking in D1 gear after just started engine

    Hi everyone, my car is W205 2020, just bought for two months, about 1500km. I found that it has some noise and shaking problems as follows: (1) when i push the combination switch to turn left/right beyond the point of resistance, and after the car has just turned to that direction, i mean...
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    Terrible intermittent Engine Vibration

    OK. Firstly I apologise for the long winded nature of my post. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with 108k miles on it. A few weeks back I was driving normally at around 30mph. I stopped at a junction. Accelerated quite quickly into the road and I felt a strange vibration in the throttle pedal...
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    PLEASE HELP! Engine Juddering harshly when idle.

    Hello all. Firstly, I've only just signed up and I apologise if I come across as a noob. I really require some expert advice/opinion on some issues I'm experiencing with my Mercedes 2004 C180 Kompressor SE Sport (Automatic). 82000 miles. Long story short. I recently just had the spark plugs...
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    2001 A208 juddering at 65-70 MPH

    Recently purchased my first Mercedes and completely love it although there are a few teething problems I have encountered. I first noticed that the car was bouncing at around 65-70mph through the steering wheel. Feels like it's coming from the front wheels. I have taken it to one garage who...
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    Shake,Rattle&Roll..Think I've bought Elvis' C Class Coupe

    Guys, im looking for some tech help.. my mechanic is baffled Just bought a C220Cdi (02) coupe and it seems to have a couple of problems. When traveling at any speed there is a vibration type shake which gets worse 60mph +, and worse when there are more people in the car. It feels like the...

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