Squeaky noice and Shaking in D1 gear after just started engine


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Jan 26, 2021
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Hi everyone,
my car is W205 2020, just bought for two months, about 1500km.

I found that it has some noise and shaking problems as follows:
(1) when i push the combination switch to turn left/right beyond the point of resistance, and after the car has just turned to that direction, i mean before the combination switch return to central position automatically, there is a "tak" sound.
(2) when i enter the car and push the start/stop button once for power on, without igniting engine, and not doing other actions, there are intermittent "jig" sound which is pretty much like the sound emitted intermittently by computer harddisk when the harddish is being read.
(3) when I started the engine for the 1st time of the day and drive in D1 gear (not accelerating at all), the car would shake quite obviously.

Do these problems happen on your car too? or they are normal?

I know i can go to dealer to check, but i just want to get to know more beforehand.
Thanks for your reply in advance!



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Dec 8, 2009
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1. Sounds like you have a clock spring failure, done a couple on A and C Classes now.

2. Without hearing it its impossible to say what you might be hearing.

3. Sounds like you had a misfire of some discription. You might need a diagnosis test to see what happened.

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