1. kingsley1201

    C200 dual exhaust

    Hi I'm trying to find a dual exhaust for my c200 cheapest one I can find is cobra for around 600 that comes with fitting kit, just wondering if anyone else has used something different or anything that's cheaper than this, I see allot of upgrades surely others can be customised?
  2. H

    C class, S204, 200CDI manual - how to know when clutch is ready for replacement?

    Hello, Have S204, C-class, 200CDI, year 2010, around 360.000km (or 225.000 miles) and all is great, but I would like to know how you can check if clutch is at the end of the life and need replacement? To me, shifting is good, don't see any problem, maybe only when I need to start moving...
  3. kingsley1201

    C-class c200 lacking power

    Was driving my c-class c200 2.1 blue efficiency yesterday and after about 20 mins of driving on 60mph roads the car lost all power and wouldn't go over 20mph but no limp mode warning on the dash ? Thought it might be the turbo as I've had grey smoke from exhaust and a whining sound but that was...
  4. Deep4

    Time for a new workhorse... C300de?

    Evening all, This is my first post, so firstly I wanted to say hello! I've been an owner of a post-lift W176 A180D Sport premium for the past year, and believe it or not, but I've been taking this car on daily 200 to 300 mile journeys 5 out of 7 days a week, clocking over 80K miles since the...
  5. G

    2010 C63 Multimedia port not working

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to play music through the multimedia port in the glovebox of my 2010 C63 since about May but haven't had any luck. I initially tried using the supplied Mercedes-Benz cables but couldn't get any signal through those. I've since purchased two bluetooth adapters...
  6. A

    Please help me understand factory brake options for C Class

    Hi all, I'm hoping to buy a c class w205 in the next few weeks second hand It would be my first merc and not really savy with what comes with each spec level I would like the best factory brakes, what trim would I need to choose which has them, please? I'm thinking of a C250d AMG line premium...
  7. V

    Squeaky noice and Shaking in D1 gear after just started engine

    Hi everyone, my car is W205 2020, just bought for two months, about 1500km. I found that it has some noise and shaking problems as follows: (1) when i push the combination switch to turn left/right beyond the point of resistance, and after the car has just turned to that direction, i mean...
  8. L

    Bluetooth not working at all

    Hi, I am new to the forum, so firstly nice to meet you all! I have bought a Mercedes C250 CDI (2011) today, everything works great on the car, except for the bluetooth; I cannot get it to even register as a thing on my phone (Android), or another phone (IOS). I have used the "reset" option on...
  9. S

    W204 c-class Hand brake fully depressed to floor

    Need some help people. W204 has the hand break peddle for right to the flow and now won’t come back up ! Any ideas ?
  10. E

    Hey ;)

    Newbie here, just wanted to say hi. I have a C 220 d Coupe in Brilliant Blue, she's my first Mercedes and am loving her! :)
  11. S

    Audible books at double speed C-Class

    Hi, anyone else with this problem: If trying to play audible files from an ipod (via usb connector) then the files play at double speed (and are therefore unlistenable)? My own Mercedes is 2016, and this problem has been there from day 1, regardless of updates. The dealership have been...
  12. J

    Possible Rare W203 Build

    So I was looking on Autotrader and I found this W203 C-Class Avantgarde in Orion Blue of which from what I have seen is very rare. I'm just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the supercharger that is in that engine to try and get out 200 BHP out of the motor?
  13. philharve

    W202 C-class trim/seal front wing replacing

    I have been looking around for quite some time for a replacement trim/seal/other description, for my 2000 Mercedes C230K but without success. I thought it would be a part that would be readily available and low cost but my experience has been very different. If I have to create the seal/trim/...
  14. frontstar

    How to remove W204 Dash Upper Air Vent Cover Panel?

    Having some noise in the interior, from the right side (left side steering wheel car) of the dash. The car is a C-180 from 2010. I like to remove the Dash Upper Air Vent Cover Panel, part no:2046801707 but don´t know how to get it out. Can anyone give me som ideas?
  15. I

    Does my C-Class w203 / 2006 timing chain needs to be replaced ?

    Hello Guys, I have C-Class w203, 2006. It shows SERVICE ENGINE SOON check on the board. I went to engineer who tried to diagnose the problem using some tablet (I think it was some kind of Android software) and then told that it might be the problem of the timing chain sync, but I believe he was...
  16. A

    2002 C200K Estate - Misfire under load - jerky gearbox

    Hi All, I bought my first Mercedes two weeks ago - a 2002 C200 Kompressor Estate. As I bought it from a garage, I've got a 3 month warranty. Sadly, it's already gone wrong after a week of driving. If I use more than 50% of the throttle, the car starts misfiring and then won't stop...
  17. G

    2017 C Class Coupe - Automatic Seatbelt Presenter

    Good evening all, Does anyone on here with a 2017 C-Class Coupe that was ordered and picked up in the first 4/5 months of 2016 have the 'Automatic Seatbelt Presenter'? You know the convenient part that push's the seat belt out once you sit down? Well, I haven't... (ordered early January 2016...
  18. H

    Auto Gearbox Jerk- W204 Coupe C220d

    Hello All! Noticed a few times whilst driving, that my car seems to jerk when I come to a complete stop! I took my car to the local dealer who said the car needed a software-update. However, I don't seem to think that this has done the trick. Anyone else have the same issue?
  19. A

    Auxiliary heater electrical fault - c class 220 09

    Hi, just recently bought a C Class 220 CDI BLUE EFFICIENCY ESTATE 2009 W204 The Aircon and Heating is lit up and buttons are functioning but no airflow is emitted, I was under the impression from the dealer I bought it from that it probably just needed re-gassing, a local garage performed a...
  20. S

    Brabus Tunes Into New Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205

    Newbie here and owner of a 2014 C-Class: C220 AMG-line. Wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Brabus and how much a kit and tuning upgrade like this would cost?

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