1. J

    A180 Diesel Intermittent Knocking Noise

    Hi, I have a 2014 A180 Diesel and there is an intermittent knocking noise when accelerating at lower speeds. Does not happen all the time. Any ideas? TIA
  2. S

    Whooshing/hissing Noise while steering stationary? - with video/audio

    Hello everyone, please excuse my bad English, I sometimes work with a translator because I'm from Germany. I drive a 2012 SLK 250 CDI, but since this is related to the W204 in many areas, I'll post my question here in this forum because there may be more people here who may have heard...
  3. C

    2019 Vito with 2.2CDI engine - induction noise on accelerating - normal?

    Hello, Brand new Vito (and Mercedes) owner here - just picked up a 2019 Vito 140 today. Generally all seems fine but driving on the motorway with the windows closed I noticed that when asking for more power (e.g. when cruise control meets a hill) there is quite a noticeable 'air flowing' noise...
  4. J

    Weird brake issues

    My vito seems to be making a loud squeaking noise while driving. When I apply the brakes, the noise stops completely. If I coast down a hill and lightly apply the brake pedal, there is no noise. But if no resistant, the noise can continue some times. While driving long distances, the noise...
  5. M

    A170 W168 engine bay noise

    So i recently got a A class 170 diesel automatic. And sinds the day i got it there is a noise coming from the engine bay. Its only when driving around 50 but its not constant, It happens to higher speeds but seems random. There doesn't seem a loss of power or nothing feels weird when it happens...
  6. C

    Mercedes EQC 400 Squeaking / Whistling Noise

    Hi, My Mercedes EQC 400 is not even a year old with only 10,000km on it. There is a very annoying squeaking / whistling that happens at slow speeds. It started only happening when turning to the right and usually when going slightly uphill. However as you will see from the YouTube video, its now...
  7. V

    Squeaky noice and Shaking in D1 gear after just started engine

    Hi everyone, my car is W205 2020, just bought for two months, about 1500km. I found that it has some noise and shaking problems as follows: (1) when i push the combination switch to turn left/right beyond the point of resistance, and after the car has just turned to that direction, i mean...
  8. X

    2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d Noise When Accelerating

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d has 30k miles on it and iv just noticed that when I accelerate more than normal such as putting my foot down to the floor or maybe 75% the car makes a noise similar to that of having a small hole in the exhaust but if I dont accelerate...
  9. A

    Brakes Sound W205 Coupe

    Hey all, I’m getting this brake sound at very very low speeds (coming to a standstill, parking maneouvres and switching from P to D and R). The pads and discs are fine. Any ideas on what it might be or is it normal sound from the pads still in contact with the discs while moving? Thanks!
  10. A

    Squeaky Steering W205 Coupe 2016

    Hey everyone, I’m getting this sound: on both sides on a 20k miles W205 2016 Coupe when turning the wheels and going over bumps at low speeds. Any ideas on what it might be? Cheers!
  11. Richie Livo

    Whirring noise

    good afternoon guys, my 2006 Sl350 seems to make a slight whirring noise at speed coming from behind me? Maybe as I’ve recently got it I’m picking up on anything.. possible the cheap tyres! Only seems to happen after 40mph and it’s not loud I just know it’s there.. Sounds like it’s coming from...
  12. JackCLK280

    CLK 280 Clicking behind the dash

    Hi everyone v. new to this. I have an 06 CLK 280 and recently it has started marking a grinding/clicking noise (it almost sounds like a a 2p coin being rolled along a wooden floor - very specific, I know) from behind the dash when I turn to the right. I've had the wheels off and cant see any...
  13. Mark Hart

    Help with noise from front of engine M113 5.0 V8

    Hi guys, Looking for some advise on where to start looking for an unusual noise coming from the front of the engine. My car is a 2004 CLK500. Background to this is about 6 months ago I did an overhaul of the cooling system as preventive maintenance (since the previous owner didn’t seem to...
  14. A

    Noise from Automatic Transmission on W211 E280 Saloon (2005)

    I'm hearing a low whine from the transmission that, gear-by-gear (automatic), raises in pitch as the car accelerates. The car's done around 110,000 miles. Can anyone advise what the problem is likely to be? Thanks, Peter
  15. G

    2016 c250d Intermittent scraping noise coming from engine?

    I recently bought a 2016 c250d coupe. When the car is idle there is a light scraping noise coming from the engine. As soon as the car is above idle the noise stops. The noise is also intermittent so for example when I got home and parked on the drive there was no noise? I also left my car for 5...
  16. M

    A140 advice

    Hi Mercedes club I need help. I bought my a class a140 few months ago 2004, mileage 50,000. Recently noticed when accelerating past 3rd (40mph) engine bay makes a very loud roaring sound. Only seems to happen when pressing accelerator, dies back down as car slows. Only way I can describe...
  17. D

    Whiring noise only occurring when accelerating

    hi all, First post so not too sure what to say. I own a merc clk 200k sport and last month or so ive noticed what can only be described as a Whiring noise coming from what sounds to be the top right hand side of the engine (right hand side when at front of the engine). This only occurs when I...
  18. R

    W203 c220 cdi screech HELP!!!

    Hi i have a w203 c220 cdi. When first started theres a horrible screech when revved stationary or moving hot or cold but it does go after a few min but if you slow right down or stand still for a bit it comes back. Firstly thought it was turbo so i have had that refurbed but still no joy. Any...
  19. L

    Whine under acceleration e350cdi

    Hi all, Only my second post so please be kind :) I've recently purchased a 2010 e350cdi saloon (231 bhp) After I got it, I noticed under heavy acceleration a kind of whine, it sounds like a supercharger if I'm honest, but it's only for about 2 seconds and it was when I was heavy heavy...
  20. X

    W212 Noisy Engine (OM651)

    Hello. I have recently purchased a 2009 W212 CDI BlueEfficiency (145,000 miles) with the engine, OM651 - my first ever diesel - and noticed that it is a bit on the loud side in terms of engine noise. Having come from a silent Lexus IS250 (Petrol), it sounds like a 'bag of spanners' - even when...

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