sl 350

  1. Sam Stoddard

    Broken PSE Pump???

    Hey guys I’ve been having issue with my boot soft close and also the central locking not working. On my 2003 SL350 (R230) In another thread I went through everything I’ve done so far including sealing every single possible leak from the PSE to the boot actuator. I’ve also stripped down the...
  2. Richie Livo

    Whirring noise

    good afternoon guys, my 2006 Sl350 seems to make a slight whirring noise at speed coming from behind me? Maybe as I’ve recently got it I’m picking up on anything.. possible the cheap tyres! Only seems to happen after 40mph and it’s not loud I just know it’s there.. Sounds like it’s coming from...
  3. Richie Livo

    SL350 Right wing mirror indicator issue

    Good morning Guys, Can’t find a thread with my issue! Noticed this morning that my right wing mirror indicator stays on very faint 24/7? Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? When I unlock the car obviously the indicators flash.. then when I open the door it all goes off as normal...
  4. Richie Livo

    Yes, another SL leak! (Well not yet)

    Good morning, As you can see the roof of my 2006 SL doesn’t look great! It’s not leaking one bit.. but looks horrendous, anything I can do as a novice? (When it comes to cars all I can do is drive them) or should I take it too an indie? On a side note has anyone had read arches resprayed...
  5. Richie Livo

    R230 2006 SL350 Comand

    Good morning everyone, I’m sure this thread has been done to the death but I either can’t find anything or I’m searching the wrong info etc. I have just acquired an 2006 SL350 obsidian black with the works added pan roof etc etc for weekends/summers to go alongside my 2018 GLC220 PP for...
  6. Midlifecrisis999

    Greetings to all

    Thought I would join up and see if any of the learned chaps on here can diagnose a R230 SL350 cluster problem. Every time I press the left hand buttons on the steering wheel, it causes a reset of the instrument cluster and then cruise becomes inoperative. Every press causes the instruments...
  7. Michael F

    SAT NAV DISC - R230 2003

    Anyone knows where to obtain a sat nav disc for a command system fit in the SL350 of 2003. I would be interested in an original disc, or better so, in a latest compatible updated one. I am both Norwich and London based. Many thanks
  8. A

    petrol filler cap on Sl 350 opens with central locking

    Hi All, I have a 55 reg SL 350, i was having it washed and the guy somehow managed to do something to my petrol filler door. All the doors were open and i just found him trying repeatedly to close it. The only way I can get it to close is by physically holding it shut then pressing the...

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