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  1. Blobcat

    Vehicle SL500 For Sale

    SL500 For Sale - Advertising for a friend - car located in Carlisle June 2004, 99,000 miles Tellurium Silver Metallic with Black / Antracite Leather MOT'd in June with no advisories Boot is dry :cool: 2 struts replaced in 2014/15 £5,650
  2. B

    Vehicle 2002 SL500 £5000

    Hi everyone. I have a tellurium 2002 Sl500 for sale here in the uk. The car has had lots of money spent recently, including new brakes, new fuel tank, new rear tyres, one new shock absorber (Air, ABC), new vacuum pump for the pneumatic's, boot seals serviced, etc etc etc. It recently passed its...
  3. L

    [Spares] SL 500 1987 or similar - Spares

    Mercedes SL 500 1987 or Similar – Spares Soft Top Black – Mercedes Part No. A 107 770 00 82 9001 Soft Top Support Frame – Mercedes Part No. A 107 770 03 02 Both brand new still in box original parts direct from Mercedes. Make me a sensable offer
  4. B

    129 SL500 bonnet release cable adjustment

    I am hoping that you more knowledgeable than I can offer me some advice. I have a late 1995 SL500 192. The bonnet has become increasingly hard to get both bonnet latches to lock at the same time. I have just noticed that the bonnet release cable appears to be a relative new replacement that...
  5. B

    ABC Visit workshop...ABC Drive safely!

    Hi, On my 2003 SL 500, for the past 2 months I was irregularly getting the ABC Visit workshop message coming up when the car was in indle, but after restart it would go away. Now when I was driving, the ABC Visit workshop message came and then it red says says ABC ..Drive safely! What...
  6. B

    Major Service 100k ?

    Hi, This is a question for technicians who work on Mercedes. What are the things that are you replacing when doing a major service on a 2003 SL500 on the 100k service? Just want to get an idea. Thanks.
  7. B

    How to smoke tail lights ?!?!

    Hi, I wanted to smoke my 2003 SL500 lights, just the indicator part to look similar to the AMG ones. Anyone know how to do this DIY? Anyone does this offer? Thanks!
  8. B

    Injector use or not to use?!?!

    Hi, For SL500 2003 79k miles, can we use the attached injector cleaner? Any harm to the engine? Has anyone used this before? Also im told for best results to only mix with half a tank of fuel rather than full? Is that so?
  9. B

    Hyrolic setting on SL500?

    Hi, In my car there is an option to raise, lower the suspension. It has two levels that the suspension can go up or down by. Just wondering what is the best level to drive the car at? Does it have any implications on hyrolics or suspension in general? Any other adv/disadv? Thanks
  10. B

    Best engine oil?

    Hi There, What is the best engine oil to use for a SL500 2003 model 70k miles. Mobil 1?
  11. B

    ABC Sport option

    On my SL500 has the option for ABC sport. Is there any problems with using this option for daily driving? Does it affect the suspension wear and tear or anything else? Thanks.
  12. B

    Delayed start !!!

    In my 2003 SL 500 sometimes it has delayed start. Most of the times its fine though Really frustrating !!!!!!!!!!! Have changed spark plugs and fuel filter. Anything else I can do? Has this happened to anyone else?
  13. B

    Care tips for mercedes?

    I have a 2003 SL500 with 70,000miles on it. So far I have changed the following: - Oil filter and oil - fuel filter and spark plugs - pulleys and belt Is there anything else that I need to change on the air to keep its maintenance? Any other known issues? Cheers.
  14. B

    2002 SL500 Delayed!!

    I have a 2002 model SL 500 with 70k miles on it. I have changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, have serviced recently and still when i start the car at times it is jerky and takes a little while to get going. And at other times it starts first go. Suggesstions?
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