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  1. R

    Caring owner to an R171 SLK 200 1.8 Kompressor

    **NEWBIE HERE!** Hi Guys! Owner of a 2007 Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor in Metalic Obsedian Black with the Sports Pack Trim and factory fitted AMG body kit. Owned the car since April 2016 and it has been a brilliant drive, and a fun versatile vehicle. Some might call it a “Hairdressers car” -...
  2. paulg4042

    [Wanted] Head unit for a SLK 200 R171 on 2004

    Hi I am looking for a head unit for my SLK on a 2004. Please contact me if you have or know where I might source one from? I have contacted Dronsfields Merc and waiting for them to reply back.
  3. 6

    SLK Tow Bar for bike carrier

    hi - does anyone know if a tow bar can be fitted to an SLK 200 for use with bike carriers please?
  4. S

    slk200 - manual or auto box?

    Hello- I’m looking to buy a 2008/2009 slk200 and have some questions. Living in the Isle of Man there aren’t many examples here so I’ll probably have to travel to the UK to find one but I want to do some research beforehand. I’ve had manual cars for 34 years, occasionally driven cars with...
  5. T

    Help!BAS warning light and engine cut out SLK 200

    Hello I've recently bought a 2001 reg SLK 200 Kompressor. The BAS ESP warning light comes on intermittently and today the engine suddenly cut out at a junction. Luckily, the car restarted again at the first try. Mileage is just over 32K. I've searched through the forums and have seen a few...
  6. C

    R170 Hideous noise. Engine not even running.

    2 litre Engine. Well, the engine light came on again in my reliable German vehicle. Runs fine, of course. It's already on a "see if it comes back again" ticket - last time there was a "air pump and wiring" code which was reset and didn't come back for a while. This time there is something...
  7. M

    R171 SLK Fog/Driving lamp replacement

    How do I replace a faulty front driving lamp bulb? The assembly seems to be part of the front spoiler. Do I need to put the car on a ramp to drop off the under tray or get access via the wheel arch. Any help would be valuable. Thanks

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