srs airbag light

  1. SamF

    The Squib for pelvis airbag ‘driver’ has a malfunction. There is a short circuit to ground.

    Hello everyone, just joined, first post. If anyone can shed some light for me I’d be so grateful! SRS light came in, independent mechanic changed seatbelt tension era and a bunch of other things. Got the light off for a few weeks. He unplugged and reconnected under the seat and cleared the...
  2. Sylar

    icarsoft i980 wanted or similar?

    Looking for a scan tool to clear srs light on w203 180k (plug got pulled under seat by a Romanian) anyone have anything to sell or recommend another brand before i burn another hundred quid?
  3. S

    Fitting an Emulator for SRS on Mercedes C320

    Hi I have a Mercedes benz C320 and it has been modified inside as an AMG (such as the seats and steering wheel etc) However the AMG seats that are installed have more airbags than the previous seats and this has caused the SRS light to stay on continously. I have read online that this...
  4. A

    Pre-Safe inoperative - Front Right Side SRS System Inoperative

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and have bought a MB for the first time a few months back - so I may not be doing it correct and sound silly - apologies. I have a C200K W204 on 1.8l on a 07 plate. A few days back I got the error message saying Pre-Safe inoperative and Front Right Side SRS...
  5. C

    SRS LIGHT, pwr seat stoped working! S.O.S.! '05 E320

    Hi, this is my first post, so I hope someone out there can help.:Oops: I have a E320 '05 that I garaged for 3 weeks, after that, I turned on ignition and 3 error lights came to display: 1- BATTERY,2.- ANTILOCK BRAKES AND THE SRS AIR BAGS.... after warming the engine for 15mins, turned off the...

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