srs light.

  1. K

    SRS on R230

    Hi, I'm pulling my hair out here, No-one seems to know what they are doing other than giving advice on guessing rather than facts. SRS light r12/14 to high, For a start there is no seat met in the drivers seat, the srs connectors are yellow not blue so I'm informed, tried a magic chip from...
  2. M

    SL350 with dreaded SRS problems

    Unwatch Thread Not sure if I am in the right place or not but, I have a 350SL, circa 2006, 62k on the clock and suffering the dreaded SRS light, no wipers, constant clicking from headrest area, display flashing, orange rollover light showing, loss of convenience functions, etc, etc. Have...
  3. I

    Starting problems w203 c180

    Hi there. I posted on this issue before but it seemed to resolve itself so stupidly forgot about it. But now it is back with a vengeance. When I try to start my car (especially in the mornings or after a few hours of inactivity) I am not getting the "sound" when I put the fob in the...
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