steering angle sensor

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    ESP/BAS & ABS lights wont turn off - C1140-016 - Steering angle sensor

    HI All, Am really stuck and would love some help to avoid overspending on this issue. Mercedes A Class A160 W168 ( so i'm told ) 2002 Error code : C1140-016 Steering angle sensor (N49) Car in LIMP Mode (30Mph Max) Background, Dont know when the lights came on but Battery went...
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    ABS/ESP/BAS Fault, no communication from SAS

    Hi first post as i just ventured into the merc world. i have a slight problem i have a 2000 w210 2.6l v6 auto ESP/BAS/ABS errors reading but caused by SAS not communicating. i have 3 sensors now all second hand but surely all 3 cant be dead. on Star it has no read out value when wheel...
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    C180 W203 Steering angle sensor

    Good day , I've been recently getting ESP and Speedtronic error messages on the dash of my 2006 C180 K W203.046 , saying that ESP and Speedtronic not available. Hooked the car up for diagnosis and codes were C1172 (Steering angle sensor internal fault) , and C1707 (Check BAS/ESP module) -...
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    Hi can anyone help with advise the steering keeps sticking ..this is an intermittent problem like every few minuets on an average run . it seems to be getting worse .I am aware its electric steering . Its really dangerous as every now and then it will stick on a roundabout ...and one has to...
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    Steering Angle Sensor

    Hi everbody, This is my first post on the forum, I've just bought a CLK230 convertable and the vehicle already had the fault. hence the reasonable price. The BAS/ESP light is illuminated and the previous owner had it checked by a dealer and the fault came up as a contact piece costing £70 MMA210...

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