1. T

    Rear Headrests/Rollbar stuck in the up position

    As stated in the title, my rear headrests/Rollbar is stuck in the up position on my CLk320 A208 cabriolet. Not because of a deployment. Does anyone know haw to get them down??? I have read all the posts on this and the other forum and could not find out if it's possible. Of course, the top will...
  2. O

    C Class e350 Hybrid

    Hello all. I have the above model, and was looking to see if anyone (with any Merc Hybrid) has had experience of the charging flap on the back bumper being stuck shut. I’ve tried various solutions found online - lock/unlock with key, WD40, nothing works, resolutely stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. B

    Cannot reset clock

    I've just bought 2006 C180. All fine except that the clock and date are apparently stuck. I can change the date, but it then stays on that date. I cannot change the clock; whenever I try, it reverts to its previous time. It was originally stuck on 9.35; since my garage serviced it it is stuck...
  4. T

    R230 SL55 Stuck in Park

    Hi All, I've lost the will to live.:cry: It feels like my car is continually fighting with me. I finally got round to sorting the battery issues on it and after just a couple of weeks the car is now stuck in Park. It starts absolutely fine and after reading some other posts on here it looks...
  5. H

    W203 (Coupe) Boot / trunk won't open - Help needed

    Hi guys, I cannot open the boot/trunk on my late 2003 C200 Coupe. Every time I try to open it by hand, there seems to be no response and I can't remember whether it is supposed to make some electric whirring noise or not when you use the handle. Assuming it is supposed to make this noise...
  6. M

    Auto stuck in park

    Hello all. I’m new to here so please bare with me! I have a C180 1997 classic. My problems started when the key fob started to work only intermittently (the triangular shape one) then the gearbox played up. Now the key will not work at all. In short I was told I need a new key fob (about £200 or...
  7. T

    Removing stuck brake discs - tip (W211)

    I've just replaced the front discs on my S211 with Pagid ones from ECP (great price & service btw, thanks!). One of the discs came off with no problem, but the other was firmly stuck to the hub. Most of the internet seemed to be advocating the use of successively larger hammers to remove it...
  8. L

    Fuel Filler Flap Stuck - C200 Sport Coupe 05 Reg

    Hi All, Really hoping someone might be able to help me! I made an ordinary trip to the petrol station at the weekend and the fuel filler flap on my car wouldnt open. I've tried unlocking and locking the car a few times to no avail. I have had a look in the boot and found a flap in the...
  9. mugwump00

    A209 CLK roof doesn't fold when the sun's out!

    Hello all, I've Googled all day on this, and found nothing that matches my issue exactly. I've just been out to my car @ 22:00 and it's working fine, like there was never any problem, however all yesterday and today through the daytime (20 degrees round these parts) the roof has failed to...
  10. T

    passenger headrests stuck up in CLK

    hi gang....i went over a speed bump too fast the other day and the rear headrests in my CLK 200 bounced up into the raised position and now they won't go down (either by using the button on the dash or brute force!). as a result the soft top won't operate anymore either! has anyone got any...
  11. R

    Boot lock stuck closed w203 c220 cdi

    Please Help, I have got a c220cdi w203, the boot lock was not locking, so I opened the lock and sprayed wd40 into the plastic gears, I then tried locking the boot lid using a screwdriver about 20 times and opened the lock with the handle outside, I then closed the boot lid a few times and opened...
  12. D

    1976 450 SE Handbrake Stuck On -- HELP

    Hi, We have inherited a Mercedes 450 SE Auto after our uncle died. We are trying to sell the car to pay for the funeral expenses. After leaving it parked outside with the handbrake on the drivers side handbrake is now locked on. Despite plenty of penetrating oil, rubber mallet and...
  13. S

    W202 1994 C280 Scorpion Immobiliser Stuck On

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 C280 Sport Saloon. I left it unused for a couple of months (locked & armed) then the alarm siren started to sound quietly (due to the battery going flat, not because it had been set off). At this point neither of my fobs would work (either for central locking or...
  14. W

    Child Lock W210

    I have what I beleive to be a problem with the child lock on the rear off side door on my 1999 E Class estate (W210T). I've had the car since November last year, and the child lock has occasionally set itself in the on position throughout the time I've had the car. Previously it was easy to...
  15. S

    glow plugs stuck / loose on 95 E300D help

    Hello, While changing my deteriorated glow plug wiring harness on my 95 E300D 606 engine (132k) I decided to change the glow plugs (unknown when last done). I soaked the glow plugs in penetrating oil for hours and carefully tried to loosen each one. The first 3 didn't budge so I left them...

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