swirl flaps

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    Swirl flaps Inlet manifold clogged

    Hi all Car in limp mode due to inlet manifold blockage caused by swirl flap / DPF blockage etc. Mercedes E320 W211 3.0litre Diesel estate. 2007 Seen loads of threads on here for this, and read most of them. I am unsure what to do to be honest. Click Mechanic said they could take out swirl...
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    swirl flaps or injectors ?

    Well spent the full day removed the inside if the 1st cat re assembled and still very smokey, it leaves a trail of smoke when its drove, its running very rich, car has just had a new turbo fitted and a new maf sensor. When i rev it fast there is a buzzing noise not sure where from It...
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    ML270 lots of cranking to start

    Mornig All, My ML270 looks like it needs the manifold replacing, which I will be doing shortly.. Swirl Flap issue causing oil leak, limp mode etc. Over the past month or so I have noticed that the car needs more engine turns to start it, it use to start more or less on the button...

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