1. A


    Hi I have a Mercedes A160 year 2011. WDD16903. Losing excessive oil so i checked for oil leak. Removed air filter cover and found about 2 litres of oil inside the air filter housing. So i removed complete air filter housing and somehow oil is coming into the throttle body and excess oil is going...
  2. jeremy156

    124 stiff throttle

    Had a go at lubricating my throttle cable a while ago (dry ptfe) and noticed an improvement to my heavy throttle, but still heavy. Considered replacing the throttle cable. This evening, driving up a long steep hill, I hit “resume” on the cruise control which was set at “70”-ish from a speed of...
  3. Razor Burns

    Hi, new member need support as going thru my 5th Mid-life crisis.. my mercedes 280ce

    Hi, Looking for any info to help me cure my ACCELERATOR / THROTTLE / STICKING ? and CABLE Advise. An image of the correct accelerator cable would be very helpful as I think previous owner has used cable from w124..
  4. Smaltze

    w210 throttle not returning to idle position

    My throttle is getting stuck in the half on position. At first when in park turning it on it starting screaming up the revs and i had to switch off quickly before it redlined. The throttle springs back from full on to about 30-40% on position but wont go all the way back to the bottom, as if...
  5. B

    Something else a faulty MAF can do !

    Hi everyone, Haven't posted for quite a while, but thought I'd share this experience since it has reached conclusion. The full story is in the reference given, but in essence, a faulty MAF on my car was causing a pending P0221 and disengaging the accelerator. I know the MAF was fine...
  6. R

    c180k over revving during gear change

    my c180k 2006 model has developed a problem where the engine over revs when i change gear. the rpms go up to 2000 and then come down as i release the clutch. any advise on what the problem could be would be much appreciated. rkakar
  7. R

    Throttle Problem W140 S500

    W140, S500, 1996 While stopping at long red signals or otherwise, I usually shift the selector from 'D' to 'N'. It happened twice that when I shifted it back to D, the RPM hardly went beyond 1500 and car took acceleration extremely slowly even when I floored it. And neither did it shift up...

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