1. B

    Winter Tires for W202

    I have a 1994 W202 saloon. I'm looking for winter tire recommendations. I saw a thread a while ago somewhere, maybe here, where the prevailing opinion was some kind of Goodyear, but I can't find that thread now. I'm not looking for anything sporty/run-flat/exotic, it's just a slow C180. I drive...
  2. S

    SL55 R230 2003 Tire Recommendations Pls

    Hi all New to forum. Proud and very happy new owner of a 2003 SL55. What a car! I’ve waited a long time to get one and it’s lived up to all of my expectations. Decided to take the plunge before I think prices rise higher. Mine has a well used set of Michelins on it from 2014. Time for a...
  3. Spooney100

    Staggerd Tyres or not? (Tyre Size).

    Hi all I recently purchased a C Class 2014 (W205) Bluetec Sport Premium. I've just noticed that the tyre sizes on the front are the same as on the back?! They're both 225/50 17 Y. I thought rear wheel drive vehicles had bigger/wider tyres on the back as was evident in my last C Class...
  4. anyweb

    W213: 20" wheels to replace my 19" wheels.

    When I bought this car a year ago it had some amazing 20" wheels, but they were the wrong ET and therefore caused damage to the rear arches (which I had to get repaired and probably will have to repair again....). So I did some research, and made sure that I would get 20" wheels that were...
  5. R

    Tyres for W211 E320 CDI 225/55 R16 95 W

    For sure this question has been asked many times but I would like to ask it again due to the fact that technique is developing very quickly. Anyone knows a good and reliable tyres for W211 E320 CDI ? Uptill now I am using MICHELIN Primacy HP 225/55 R16 95 W. These tyres are doing very good but...
  6. Smaltze

    Options for bigger than the chart tires

    E320 S210 2002 Currently have 245/40Z R18 tires. They're in need of replacing soon, and id love to be able to stick some thicker tires on for looks. 245/50 or 60. Obviously every chart on the internet is telling me this isnt possible and so are my fingers (only one fits between the tire and...
  7. S

    Mercedes w126 Front Tires

    Is this is natural on w126 that front tires are getting worn on the outsides because when the wheels are turning, bends down? Or is this is a problem with wheels geometry and alignment? Thank you

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