1. Altamar

    Any REAL insurance discount available if I fit a Tracker?

    Hi all. I am thinking of fitting a Tracker to the SL but they really aren't cheap. £400 installation plus £200 for a year's subscription. Probably worth the expense if it's ever stolen and quickly recovered but... Does anyone have any experience of getting a real discount in insurance having...
  2. S

    CAT 5 TRACKER & Electric issue

    Took delivery of the new C-Class last week and had it fitted with a CAT 5 TRACKER ('Tracker Response') yesterday. I chose this particular system as it is MB approved and one of the best out there - and we seem to have new cars go missing in our area. Car ran fine on route home, to the gym...
  3. R

    Scorpion Track Device on Atego

    I would like to start off by thanking the technical team at Scorpion for helping to get a dealer/fitter in touch with me. It seems I have an old two-wire unit attached and for some reason this doesn't give the tracking unit any indication whether or not I have ignition or not. So if my vehicle...
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