uneven idle

  1. philiggy

    2006 c200 CDI uneven revs-heater problem-and N33/2 fault??

    I've just bought a 2006 C200 CDI Avantgarde with some odd faults. The revs are uneven,its terrible to drive when cold causing choppy changes. The Heater is either red hot or freezing cold...nothing in between. Its been on a STAR reader with no faults other than.... "Check N33/2 (Heater...
  2. M

    C180 cold start choke fails to engage

    Afternoon everyone, This is a problem I have put up with for longer than I care to think about. :( When I start my 1996 C180 from cold, if I do not keep pressure on the accelerator pedal, it stalls. It appears the cold start choke is failing to engage. Once the engine is warm, when sitting in...
  3. N

    Engine runs uneven cold, C220 CDI, W204

    Hi every body,:D (Excused my English) I’m new in MB world, I sold my BMW 320d, and I bought an S/H Mercedes Benz (80K Miles - 127K Km from 2007) a C220 CDI 170HP (W204) :p– characteristics see Carfolio. I bought the car with a “little engine problem”: when the engine is cold, in...

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