1. Vr46mm93

    V220 auto box issue - poss limp mode after 3 miles

    Hi all, I've got a mk1 vito V220 Ambient with a suspect gearbox issue. I topped up the gearbox oil yesterday as it was nearly empty and now after about 3 miles drive when I stop it only moves slowly/eventually if I keep moving the gearstick. It's an auto too. Not sure if its still low on...
  2. N

    V220 2.2cdi Auto Gearbox ECU location

    Hi, Can anyone advise on where the automatic gearbox ECU is to be found on my V220. Also I'm trying to find instructions for how to remove the gearbox as well. Problem is gearbox stays in neutral - any ideas? Thanks James PS: Does anyone in Herts have a Star set up?
  3. W

    V220 Heater/Blower Probs

    Hi Guys, sorry if this has been asked before. V220 Heater/blower used to work on all 4 settings, but over the last year. I lost blower on 1 & 2 and tonight I lost 3, and 4 keeps blowing fuse. No Idea why? Heats up fine just the blower. in this weather not good. is this a simple fix? I...
  4. A

    V220 rear suspension again

    My 2000 V220CDI has rear suspension issue once more. There's no height adjustment going on, but compressor and solenoids seems ok. Is there anyone capable of explaining the regulation part of the suspension, i.e. how the height sensors and solenoids/compressor interact?
  5. C

    V220 smoking from manifold

    Can anybody answer my question. I have a 2003 V220 that has just had a major service. The garage told me that the pistons may have gone as there is black smoke coming from the manifold when I put the heater on. Car is running perfectly otherwise. Anybody know if this is correct or could be...

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