v6 c class

  1. R

    Can we make it sound like a V6?

    So just got my first ever Merc this week and it's a C350 CDI. Really loving it after getting a few things sorted, but I've noticed that it seems quite tame for a V6. Sounds like it's missing some grunt. Is that only achieved with an expensive exhaust upgrade? :eek:
  2. Mr Greedy

    Vehicle Mercedes-Benz C Class 3.2 C320 SE 3dr Coupe £1,800

    Service & MOT done mid-Feb 2018. Panoramic glass roof in full working order. Private plate included. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tyres all round, 2 new & 2 nearly new. Only ever used Mobil 1 oil in my 6 years of ownership, which is the oil these cars used to come out of the factory with. Car serviced...
  3. S

    C350 Petrol Discontinued

    Hello, I had a look at this V6 earlier this year and its a stunning engine. Wonder why MB discontinued this. What is the take on the C350 Diesel? Thanks

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