1. Seeker_UK

    Going to Look at an E320CDI - Any Pointers?

    Hi all (back again - can't stay away :D) I've currently got a Saab on my drive, not a bad car by any stretch of the imagination but was only a temporary car to get me to work cheaply after having a nightmare ownership experience with an Audi 2.5TDI - if you want to know how badly a diesel can...
  2. J

    Looking for help on CLK / Valeo rads

    Hi guys, first time I've ventured onto any type of forumn and I'm hoping someone can help me clarify a question on CLKs and the dreaded Valeo Rads. I've currently got a C250 CGI estate and love it to death and we're now looking to get a second car. We've kinda set our hearts on getting a CLK...
  3. Alex Crow

    What goes wrong with a Valeo rad?

    Curiosity got the better of me, so I popped the rad tank off a failed Valeo to have a look see. Firstly, the oil matrix itself looks fairly sturdy, and I am certain it is sound - note that the sealing of the oil matrix unions, and of the coolant is performed by just one seal on each union...
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