w124 1991

  1. JuniorMechanic

    What is it? Clutch, Flywheel or what?

    Hi, it's Juior Mechanic. I have been seeking a solution for my problem, and haven't found it. And I have no idea where to look, where to begin. My car is a 1991 w124 230CE (catalytic converter) five speed manual gearbox The engine is smooth, drives and runs ok, it also starts ok. Problem...
  2. adamh

    Bonnet replacement help needed W124

    I have just replaced my bonnet on my 300CE. Firstly I need to know at which angel should the hangers be pointing for the spring to connect to. It can only be straight down, towards rear or towards the front. The hangers have 3 "teeth" on them which gives you a choice for the spring to hook on...
  3. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Drivers Seat Question

    In search for a W124 Coupé electric drivers seat base for my 1991 300ce, I have found one in mint condition from a Saloon of the same year, and cannot find any info as to whether they are the same, or adaptable. Any insight greatly appreciated.
  4. Silver 300te

    W124 heater blower case

    Hiya, Been looking at threads how to fix the heater blower motors. I just got a replacement, but some guy has cut the case in two, leaving the motor exposed. Anyone know where I can get the case, or what the part number is? Matthew
  5. R

    W124 230TE Starting Problem (1991model)

    Hi folks. After a long drive I stopped my w124 230te '91 outside my house and let the engine run on idle. Suddenly the engine stopped and I cant get it started again. I have searched forums for what it could be and the fuel relay + fuel pumps was suggested to check out first. An easy way to...
  6. Prof.C.Benz

    M103 Engine using Shell V-Power Nitro

    Morning all!... I have never been a fan of any kind of flushing or cleaning fuel addatives in old engines as certain deposits can actually behelping plug any nooksand crannysthat have developed with age. My question is, with this new Shell Fuel, could I loosen these positive deposits and...
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