w124 1995

  1. P

    1994 W124 E280 estate spares or repair!

    1994 W124 E280 wagon for sale as spares or repairs. 177k Underside is in excellent condition (recently steam cleaned) bar issues listed below. Service history to 140k Interior in good condition bar the drivers seat bolster. Running rough, however was running exceptionally well prior to...
  2. T

    W124 E200 1995 failed central locking and windows query

    Hi all, posted the query in the intro section but adding it here in case anyone with w124 experience sees it. On the above car the central locking and windows suddenly went - started with windows randomly winding themselves down when parked; it has ended with no central locking working, windows...
  3. P

    Mercedes w124 coupe 1995 - various parts.

    I have the following w124 coupe parts for sale currently, email me for details. 1 x front bumper (Azurite Blue), good condition, been repaired previously, + tow hitch cover. 1 x Rear bumper (Azurite Blue), good condition. 2 x front wings, (Azurite Blue), good condition only very slight bubbling...
  4. JensH

    W124 E280 Auto Estate (facelift): OVP relay

    I'd been experiencing a mixture between on, off and intermittent on my ABS warning lamp over the last few weeks. Initially I thought this was down to sensor issues or the front callipers. After changing out the front O/S calliper, though, and all 4 discs, the fault persisted. There was no...
  5. JensH

    W124 E280 ('95) Drivers Window off track

    Hi all, Out of the blue my driver's side window has started closing off track today. Without manual interference the window opens forward and inwards and sticks about 3" from closed and tilted inwards. The motor and switch seem to be working fine. From full open there is an audible click...
  6. JensH

    W124 E280 '95 Estate, Alloys...

    First Aid Wheels in NW6 have my original 15" alloys for refurbishment and fitting of a new set of tyres (Michelin Energy Saver GRNX MO), and kindly lent me these... !!! AMG 18" with Michelin 245/40 ZR 18s... Very, very, noisy, hard ride, and, surprisingly, rather imprecise in the steering...
  7. W

    1995 E320

    Hey all, Recently purchased an E320 off a private buyer Tried to check as many things as I could but I unfortunately didn't have a blink Code reader handy and the 124's don't have OBDii Car is experiencing stall like symptoms and the check engine light is on Thoughts?

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