w203 air con

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    w203 air blow from ac slots without turn ac on

    hi in my c-class 2006 , 2.2 diesel engine , the air blow from ac slots without turn ac on , it starts blowing air after turning ignition on and it keeps blowing air also after turning the engine on. I opened the bonnet , while ignition is off there where no voice , after the ignition was turned...
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    could use some help :)

    i have mb w203 2004 200cdi wagon that have a non digital climate control. i want to change to the digital version. is this plug and play? or even possible? the ones i have attached as images. thanks so much for help in advance!
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    2002 W203 200k screen demister issues

    Hi all. I have just become the owner of a 2002 c200k and am having some issues with the climate control system (base system with the rotating knobs). I know I definitely have a broken linkage on the footwell vent but somewhat more curious is the Screen demister. With the air control...
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    W203 Air con

    Hi all I had the air con in my W203 recharged last year. Over the last few months there has been a 'hissing' sound coming from the heating/cooling system but there is no longer any noise. Problem is, there is now no air con at all, and as I live in what has been the warmest part of the UK...
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