w204 lights

  1. R

    W204 C220 face-lift headlights

    Hi, I've just bought my first Mercedes at Xmas. 2012 C220 CDI Sport Estate. It's been well looked after with a FSH and only just done 71,000 miles. BUT. It was in a collision, damaged and repaired, when I bought it both headlights were working fine, albeit the O/S had condensation in it...
  2. M

    2013 w204 drl Led one side out.

    recently bought a 2013 w204 c-class estate. noticed this morning that the right side drl didn't come on. looking through threads and the user manual there should be a warning displayed on the dash saying RH or LH drl is not working. I had no caption and the left one works fine. could this be a...
  3. DB_C43

    Bi-Xenon problem

    Happy New Year everyone! What a great way to start off the new year with a lovely problem.. So I collected my car last night after being away for a couple of days and my passenger side lightbulb cut out while on the motorway with the error message "intelligent light system inoperative" and...
  4. P

    w204 2009 c220 cdi 3rd Brake Light Fault

    Hi looking help please ! having problems with my 3rd brake light, it has been working off and on for weeks but now it just flashes on then goes off and puts the error message on the dash 1 when it lights up all the bulbs in the led are lit! i have ordered a new replacement unit but would...

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