w212 problem

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    W212 Facelift E250 CGI reliability

    I am looking at a beautiful example of a 2014 E250 CGI with 72k miles on it all the optional extras I could ever want and a beautiful spec as well. I am coming from a 2.0TDI Passat and fell in love with the E-Class once I drove a 2010 E350 CDI but decided to go for a petrol instead. My question...
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    My new W212 E250 CGI error codes

    Hi all, Can anybody shed some light on the following fault codes I found on my w212 e250 cgi, 2013? I used an icarsoft i980 and can’t seem to find any info online :-( P06da00 Motor electronics SIM271DE20 for combustion engine (M271E) 333530 Electronic ignition lock (N73) 363830 Left...
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    hi newbie to forum with a w212 dpf issue any advice

    hi , I'm a newbie but aMerc fanatic I've a 2011 e220 w212 7matic displaying dtc code saying dog full of soot I sprayed in Dpf Doctor threw first tempeature sensor yesterday filled up with wynns to lower temp which engine Regens in haven' had a proper chance to run it through but there is a bit...
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    E250 CDI Sport 2009 thud

    Hello all, I have just joined and really needing help. I have just purchased a 2009 E250 CDI w212 sport from MB in Glasgow 70,000 on the clock. When driving on the motorway or on uneven roads i am getting a thud from underneath,more so from the rear of the car,MB have replaced all four...
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    W212 e250 manual

    I have a 59 plate e250, when accelerating the engine revs surge about 1800-2000 revs, usually only in fifth gear. Any one any clues what causes this and more importantly how much will it cost to repair!!

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