1. M

    2008 W204 - warning about lights, but they are not broken

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 W204 and when I turn the ignition several warnings come up on the dashboard: 1) Right-hand tail lamp/brake lamp 2) Front left parking lamp 3) Front right parking lamp But all those lamps are working. What do you think is causing the warnings to come up? And, how...
  2. Benny Dub

    W203 SRS Warning Light - Loose Connectors Under Seat?

    Afternoon All, The SRS light has been on in my S203 C270 since we bought it about 6 months ago. Well MOT time is here so I should probably have a look. My fiance's MG ZR has almost continuous SRS issues due to the crappy connectors under the seats coming loose - give them a wiggle, or tape...
  3. C

    BAS / ESP after tracking

    Mercedes C220 Cdi W203 2001 Auto. Hi Guys. about 2 months ago i got my front disc and pads changed after i noticed there was a really bad wobble when i was breaking at high speed . Also a few weeks later i had the passenger side front suspension arm changed after the garage said it was...
  4. F

    Engine Management Warning Light

    Hi. I got my engine management warning light on after a sudden vibration experienced by the engine. I called AA and I was asked to drive to the nearest garage and got it checked. It was found that the injector was coked up with unburned fuel. Two options were given, either to clean it using...
  5. C

    Warning light on Instrument Cluster

    Model: C220 Cdi Automatic 2001 Hey guys, Over the past few weeks i have started seeing a Yellow 'Coil' warning light on the instrument cluster: Anyone know what it is? It just happened to start when i have started hearing a slight squeak when truning my steering wheel. Thanks
  6. R

    Mercedes A140 Oil Warning Light keeps coming on! Faulty Sensor!?

    I have checked the Oil level many times and it is fine. I believe the problem may be Oil Level Sensor, from what I can gather from google searches and information given to me by the previous owner. If this is the case then it looks like an expensive Job and funds are very limited. Is there any...
  7. I

    Malfunction Electric Consumers switched off /Battery problem :( Stressed! HELP

    Hi I need help please!, I have a 2003 E320 diesel W211. I went on holiday and came back to find my car battery dead. (Even though ym neighbour started it once a week!) So I jump started it and everything seemed fine. After a round trip of 50 miles just when I was getting home I got the...

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